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Qualitools has established itself as one of the leading suppliers delivering a wide range of hardware, hand tools, welding, gardening and general consumables to the retail hardware industry in South Africa and Africa. Qualitools also distributes professional grade hand tools, consumables and power tool accessories for the DIY market and trade professionals, who demand superior performance and durability. For over 15 years, personal service and quality has been the hallmark of Qualitools. Qualitools was established in 1995 by current owner James van Reenen, with the delivery of the first shipment of products to the market. Qualitools has since progressed and now offers over a 1,000 different products. We are at the forefront of the industry, delivering superior products to our customers.

We offer a wide rage of quality Hand Tools, we aim on the quality of our products as well as the durability.

Our impressive track record is borne from our passion for understanding the needs of our primary customer: the retailer. Qualitools is now a recognized brand and is going from strength to strength. Our growing list of customers are leading retailers in the industry including Cashbuild, MICA, DIY Depot, Build‐ It, Jacks Paint, Chamberlains, Alert Steel, Essential, Masmart and Build Kwik.

Our Business Culture is built around our customers and the markets we work in. We firmly believe Qualitools’ culture is different, as we are a people‐ orientated and results‐orientated business. In an ever changing and challenging world, we believe that this culture will ensure that Qualitools will continue to deliver exceptional service and superior products and that we will continue to succeed. We know that success in our industry comes through true long‐term commitment to our customers and to address and solve their specific needs.

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Approach to Business

We value each individual customer and business relationship as a source of insight and information, empowering us to respond diligently to the needs of our customers. We have a strong commitment to the hardware retail industry, providing a significant competitive edge to our customers by delivering the best service, information and products at the right time and best price.


Qualitools is a company where honesty, integrity, trust and diligence is of the highest importance and where our suppliers, employees and customers are proud to be associated with us. Qualitools is a responsible member of the business fraternity. We are a Level 2 BEE contributor and believe in skills development


Qualitools is also sensitive to Climate Change issues and the potential impact it can have on the way we conduct our business. In 2011 we embarked on the path to be a responsible business by quantifying our Carbon Footprint. We now have a good idea what the environmental impact of our business operations are and we endeavour to limit this impact. Qualitools aims to become the first wholesaler of hand tools and hardware to be certified “Carbon Neutral”.

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